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Q1.Multiple lions have tested positive for COVID-19 at Nehru Zoological Park situated in which city of India?


Q2.Which Indian has been nominated as an athlete ambassador for the International Olympic Committee’s ‘Believe in Sport’ campaign?

Answer. PV Sindhu

Q3.Scientists have recently discovered what may be the smallest-known black hole in the Milky Way galaxy. What is it called?

Answer.the Unicorn

Q4.What is this centuries old art of clipping hedges into various ornamental shapes traditionally called?

Answer. Topiary

Q5.What is the pirate flag with the skull and cross-bones called?

Answer.Jolly Roger

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2. Guess these celebrities New Game this week

Q1.Guess this famous Entrepreneur

Answer.Bill Gates

Q2.Guess this famous singer

Answer.K.S. Chithra

Q3.Guess this Indian scientist

Answer.Satyendra Nath Bose

Q4.Guess this American Actor, who is popular for his role in the movie Jumanji (1995)

Answer.Robin Williams

Q5.Guess this American Actress and Talk show Host.

Answer.Oprah Winfrey

3. MI whach Acite qiuz Answer and win Fun zone win prizes everyday

Q1. How many sports mode does Mi Watch Revolve Active offers?

Answe.More than 100

Q2. 5Mi Watch Revolve Active uses _________ to measure impact of physical activity considering your profile and heart rate data.

Answer. LifeQ Health Algorithm

Q3. It is possible to measure SpO2 using the new Mi Watch Revolve Active.

Answer. TRUE

Q4. Which of the following voice assistant is integrated in the new Mi Watch Revolve Active?

Answer.Amazon Alexa

Q5.Which of the following features describe the new Mi Watch Revolve Active?

answer.All of the above

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