Amazon Spin and win today and Amazon today quiz Spin and Win is Amazon’s App only Quiz Contest. In Spin and Win, Participants have to Spin the wheel by Clicking on “Tap to Spin”. The Result of the Spin will be the Amazon Stay at Home Quiz Answers For Today – Amazon Stay at Home Spin and Win Quiz is a safety-related contest that

1. Amzon pay balance Quiz

Q1.Amazon Pay Balance can be used on over ________ apps & select stores. Fill in the blanks


Q2.Through Amazon Pay Balance one can pay on which of these apps?

Answer. All

Q3.In which of these ways can you add money to your Amazon Pay Balancea

Answer.All of these

Q4.Amazon Pay Balance is a ___ click mode of payment. Fill in the blanks


Q5.Which of these are benefits of using Amazon Pay Balance?

Answer.All of these

2. Amzone pay Enectrycity Quiz

Q1.What is the first thing that you would have to select to pay electricity bills on Amazon?

Answer. State

Q2.For which of these states can you make electricity bill payments on Amazon?

Answer. All of these

Q3.After selecting state, what is the next step you have to follow in the electricity bill payment process?

Answer. Select electricity board

Q4.Amazon Charges Extra (additional) fees for paying the Electricity Bill?


Q5.Which of these can be a reason for failure of electricity bill payment on Amazon?

Answer.Both of these

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3. Amzone pay letar Quiz and Amazon Spin and win today

Q1. I need to submit hard copy of documents for signing up for Amazon Pay Later.

Answer. FALSE

Q2. What are the charges for signing up for Amazon Pay Later?


Q3. What is the reward for signing up and completing auto repayment set up for Amazon Pay Later?

Answer.Rs. 100

Q4.On which of these merchant apps, can I pay with Amazon Pay Later?

Answer. All of the above

Q5. What is the maximum EMI period you can avail with Amazon Pay Later?

Answer.12 months

Amazon Spin and win today

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