Amazon Shoppers Notice “New Hair Growth” and “Silky Smooth” Strands After Using This Vegan Shampoo

Over the past few years, soap bars have had something of a revival. They transformed from being relegated to hotel bathrooms to becoming popular products for emerging firms. The hair care industry is a surprising area where they have begun to gain attention; shampoo bars are popular right now, and customers especially adore Viori’s handmade Shampoo Bar.

For $17, you can achieve smooth strands, encourage hair development, lessen your ecological footprint, and buy shampoo less frequently. To purchase the Viori Shampoo Bar, go to Amazon.

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But based on the more than 3,800 five-star reviews, Viori’s shampoo bar is also a “miracle” for the condition and beauty of your hair. There are four flavours available for this shampoo: citrus, vanilla, barley tea, and flowery bamboo. These are all created with natural components, have no additional scent, and are sulfate- and phthalate-free. Hair is renewed, rejuvenated, and repaired with longsheng rice water, while cocoa butter conditions, shea butter softens, and rice gives strength, volume, and shine. One customer claimed the mixture produced “silky smooth” strands.

According to Juliana Ohlmeyer, a stylist and colorist at Bassia Bassia in New York City, “For people with hair that tends to be more dry or frizzy and who want to preserve its natural oils, [the] pure ingredients without the addition of detergents can be ideal. They can also be useful for people with color-treated hair who are looking for the best way to preserve vibrant colour. They’re also perfect for people who are more sensitive to preservatives.”

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Viori’s Shampoo Bar is recommended for sensitive skin, according to several of the five-star evaluations. Customers with eczema and psoriasis claimed that since using this shampoo, their “awful dry, itchy, bumpy areas” have even “disappeared.”

But there is another unacknowledged advantage that several reviews have brought up: hair growth. “Since the epidemic, I’ve been losing a lot of hair and developing brittle strands. I’ve experienced a tonne of fresh hair growth ever since I started using the bar.” Another five-star customer said that after taking Viori, their hair has been growing “one inch a month.”

For $17, you can achieve smooth strands, encourage hair development, lessen your ecological impact, and buy shampoo less frequently. Shop for the Viori Shampoo Bar on Amazon.

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